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We know, you’ve had so much stuff to read with the kids being back in school and basically bringing home “homework” for YOU to do…

BUT, we promise we will keep this short and sweet, and worth the read!

This month at Weight and Body Solutions, we have decided that due to the overwhelming response we received for IV infusion therapy, we are going to be extending the introductory special pricing!

The holidays are rapidly approaching (seriously, time is FLYING!) and that means all of the snacks, and foods, and desserts, and the holidays that revolve around FOOD. Want to shed those unwanted pounds and get a jumpstart on your weight loss goals before there’s temptation everywhere? We can help! Get started with your first month of either of our weight loss programs at a DEEP discount! Your initial month of our accelerated program is just $109 and includes the following:

  • Initial visit
    Diet plan
  • One month’s supply of Calcium Pyruvate supplement to assist with burning fat
  • Four B12 injections
  • One month’s supply of Phentermine
  • EKG

If you are not a candidate for our accelerated program, we also have our alternative program which is ALL NATURAL. To start this program is only $89 this month and includes the following:

  • Initial visit
    Diet plan
  • One month’s supply of multivitamins
    One month’s supply of a natural appetite suppressant
  • Four B12 injections

If you want to just add a little pep to your step and a little oomph to your current diet plan, we are also featuring our injections on special this month! B12 injections help with energy levels, brain function, and weight loss. B6/B12/MIC injections are lipotropic injections that are used for fat loss and assist in fat metabolism and elimination.

Choose from any of the following amazingly priced packages!

  • 4 B12 injections for just $20!
  • 8 B12 injections for just $35!
  • 4 B6/B12/MIC injections for only $35!
  • 8 B6/B12/MIC injections for only 65!

And because we know that this is the season that we want to look our best for all of the holiday photo ops and school and work functions, and we get that we don’t want EVERY part of our bodies to be slim and skinny, we also have a great deal on Juvederm this month!

Just $499 for one syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC! You can use this dermal filler to fill your tear troughs, lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds and more, giving your face a more youthful appearance by lifting, smoothing, and plumping. 

Availability is limited, so make sure to call us TODAY at 813-886-4395 to book your appointment
and take advantage of these awesome deals!

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