Before Liposuction

– Consent is obtained. Photographs are taken; the skin is prepared with a disinfectant.
– A sterile marking pen is used to draw a topographic map of the areas.
– The patient is placed on sterile drapes and/or towels, and standard local anesthetic is used to infiltrate the skin of the insertion sites.
– The site is widened and the subcutaneous tissue is tunneled into by using a small, curved hemostat.

During Liposuction

– A blunt infusion catheter is inserted into the site, and tumescent anesthetic is delivered.
– The liposuction cannulas are placed through insertion sites. Suction will be performed by manual or aspirator.

After Liposuction

– Compression garments and absorbent pads are applied immediately postoperatively for a period from several days to several weeks.
– Many patients find that the garments actually provide better comfort.
– Depending on patient comfort, physical activities may resume within a few days.
– Postoperative lymphatic drainage massage is recommended after 24 hours to prevent irregularities and to help with fluid drainage.



*These photos are of some of our patients that show the results of their liposuction procedures, some saw results immediately, results may vary.