Female Rejuvenation




Bring your sexy back with our Female Rejuvenation Package! This package features three Pnile Shots, and one vial of to help you re-gain your self-confidence in no time!
What’s Included
(1) Oh Shot Treatment
(2) 6 Months Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy
(1) Female Viagra/ PT 141
Treatment Descriptions
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone replacement therapy is a popular service that assists with weight loss, manages muscle and joint pain, and awakens the sex drive which can be compromised as we age.  Men who have this procedure regularly can maintain muscle mass and bone strength.  Hormone replacement therapy is administered by placing hormone pellets under the surface of the skin with natural plant-based material. A one-time treatment can last for several months as compared to daily hormone injections or pills that do not maintain consistent hormone levels.