Hormone Therapy & Sexual Health

Many of the signs and symptoms linked with the aging process, such as weight gain and a decreased libido, are caused by changes in hormone synthesis, which occur as you get older. One of the innovative treatments that are currently available is hormone replacement therapy.

HRT Women

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production declines as women age, causing hormone imbalance. During perimenopause, hormones begin to drop.
Menopause ends childbearing and ends menstruation. Symptoms may worsen as hormone levels drop. Weight and Body will optimize hormone levels using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These hormones come from plants that resemble your natural hormones.
The team customizes your hormone-balancing therapy with lotions, injections, or pellets. Pellet therapy involves inserting a tiny pellet under your skin. The pellet releases hormones continuously.
Weight and Body offers bioidentical progesterone, estrogen, and female testosterone to treat problems and relieve symptoms of menopause.


Bioidentical hormones are used in men’s hormone therapy to regulate and improve your body’s natural hormone levels.
Because your body produces less hormones as you age, your levels of testosterone and other hormones begin to decrease. Male andropause is the term for this decline, which can start as early as age 25 and become more apparent in your mid-30s. A hormone imbalance could also result from too much stress, an increase in obesity, genetics, or certain drugs you take for pain or mental health issues.
You should make an appointment if you’re exhibiting signs of low testosterone (low-T) or an imbalance in your other hormones.
We advise a blood test to check your hormone levels and look for any irregularities. To evaluate whether you are a candidate for hormone therapy, they also examine your personal and family medical histories, call to make an appointment.
To ease your symptoms and enhance your physical, mental, and sexual wellness, our team creates a treatment plan specifically for you.

Pellet Therapy

According to medical literature, pellets offer a constant dose of hormone into the bloodstream instead of the fluctuations that might happen when using creams, pills, or patches to deliver the medication. Direct distribution into the bloodstream prevents the increased synthesis of clotting factors and liver abnormalities associated with oral hormone therapy. The pellets last 3 to 5 months in women and 4 to 6 months in men.
They are compressed into a solid substance that resembles a cooked rice grain in size. They are placed in the hip region under the skin using a painless office procedure. Small amounts of hormones, identical to that produced by the ovaries and testes during our formative adult years, are released into the bloodstream directly by the pellets.

Sexual Health

You might not naturally get the stunning body you envision despite your best efforts at dieting and exercising. Thankfully, you no longer have to get discouraged and assume nothing will work for you. There are two main treatment options at Weight & Body Solutions to leave you with the body you have always dreamt of.

Womens Sexual Health

In order to treat sexual health our doctors will examine a female patient’s blood levels. After discussing the test’s outcomes, a low dose of testosterone from a compounded pharmacy is added to a cream that she can apply every day. Usually, this cream is sufficient to restore a woman’s sexual drive and functions.

Hormone creams are absorbed differently, additional we offer another compound called “scream cream” that could be added. This substance is made up of:

L-Arginine, Ergoloid Mesylate,  Amino Phylline, Testosterone, and Sildenafil Citrate

The substance is placed on a woman’s labia prior to sexual contact. The compound’s components function very similarly to the way men’s Viagra medicine does. To aid in arousal, this substance improves blood flow to the vaginal region. The woman will become more sensitive and sexually aroused as a result of the increased blood flow to the vaginal area.

Mens Sexual Health

Even if you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you could still be able to have an erection occasionally. If you have ED, your erection is likely to be weaker than it was when you were younger or to end before you can ejaculate.

Weight and Body Solutions can alleviate a variety of ED symptoms, such as:

No interest in having sex
not interested in masturbating
Gentle erections
There are none
No vigor for sex
the capacity to maintain an erection till a climax

Most men find discussing ED to be sensitive, but at Weight and Body Solutions, we recognize the need for discretion. By restoring your testosterone and estrogen levels to normal, our specialists can help you identify the cause of your ED and provide relief. Talk to us right away to discover the safest method to handle ED.