Tumescent liposuction

After all other weight loss measures have been exhausted, undesirable subcutaneous fat can still be removed by a technique called liposuction. The most popular cosmetic operation in the United States is liposuction. It is also known as suction-assisted lipectomy, liposculpture, and lipoplasty. The ideal candidate is physically healthy and consumes balanced meals, but they are unable to get rid of a
localized fat deposit that frequently appears to be caused by a genetic predisposition. There are numerous liposuction techniques, but at the moment the tumescent technique is the safest.

Under a local anesthetic made of saline or Lactated Ringer’s solution, lidocaine, epinephrine (to stop bleeding), and sodium bicarbonate (optional), tumescent liposuction is carried out.

Tumescent liposuction is more successful and less stressful than traditional liposuction because it uses micro-cannulas (tiny cannulas) to suction fat from the subcutaneous tissue.

Fat Transfer/BBL

By shifting fat from a location of the body where it is less needed (often the thighs or belly) to one where tissue volume has decreased as a result of aging, trauma, surgery, birth abnormalities, or other factors, a person’s own fat may be used to enhance the appearance of the body. Usually, the transplanted fat causes the treated body site’s volume to grow. To lessen bruising and discomfort during the treatment, a fluid may be injected into the areas where the fat is being removed. Through a tiny incision, we remove the fat from the body. In some circumstances, the fat might be processed in a particular way before being reintroduced into the body. The fat may be cleaned, filtered, and centrifuged (spun) as part of this preparation. Then, using a smaller needle, the fat is injected into the appropriate location.

Your surgeon may inject more fat than is necessary to get the desired outcome because some fat that is injected does not keep its volume over time. The quantity of deposited fat will diminish over a few weeks. More fat may occasionally need to be transferred in order to keep the desired results. Procedures for fat transfer are carried out under local anesthesia.


One of the most prevalent issues that people have is bags beneath the eyes. Now it’s possible to appear young and refreshed under the eyes with local anaesthetic and little recovery time. The treatment takes one to two hours. No stitches are necessary, no visible scarring. To remove the fat, a tiny cut is made inside the lower eyelid.

Skin is tightened, trimmed, and sutured where a tiny incision has been made behind the ears. Excellent for neck and lower face sagging problems.

Eyelid blepharoplasty procedure is chosen by hundreds of thousands of men and women each year to enhance their appearance. By tightening muscles and tissue or eliminating extra fat and skin, this reconstructive procedure enhances the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

Given the significance of the eyes in one’s overall appearance, blepharoplasty has surpassed rhinoplasty as the most common facial plastic surgery operation. It makes sense considering that two-thirds of adults believe the eyes to be the face’s most distinguishing feature.

Both men and women can have cosmetic blepharoplasty procedures done by our highly skilled and experienced doctors. With little downtime, it provides a younger, fresher appearance that is reflected over the entire face. You may have seen the term ”eyelid lift” used incorrectly because during surgery the eyelids are not truly raised.